Solar Farms and Green Zealotry!

Let me tell you the story of what happened in a local community group when I raised by concerns about a large industrial Solar Farm that is being proposed to be developed in my neighbourhood!

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2 thoughts on “Solar Farms and Green Zealotry!

  1. I assumed they had removed your post as I couldn’t read your reply to me.
    I was shocked by the responses but then again not really because you can tell these were the people that would have lynched the unjabbed. Also they would put on a mask tomorrow if they were told to.
    The government sure have an excellent brainwashing programme.
    I don’t know much about solar farms but I am willing to listen, Drthese people are not interested in any facts.
    Save the world at any cost, oh the irony!

  2. In the U.S., if a company wants to erect a cell tower, they pay the person who owns the land where it is to be located. Your situation might have something to do with money, so their defense of the solar farm is probably not rational nor personal, but financial. It’s difficult to reason with people when money is involved. You have my sympathy.


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