“Robin Swann is very dangerous” – Van Morrison.

Robin Swann was the Health minister for Northern Ireland during the Covid tyranny. His record as Health Minister was shockingly bad and of course he embraced all the fear of the Covid fanatics, describing Covid as a ”biblical plague”. When the NI Govt fell in 2022, he was silenced but it is now up and running and HE is back, unbelievably, as Health Minister.

Northern Ireland born singer Van Morisson took to the stage In Belfast during 2021, and described Swann as ”very dangerous”. This was after Swann had called Van the Man ”dangerous” in a Rolling Stone interview. Swann then sued Van Morrison for defamation. 

Whether Swann is dangerous or not may be subjective BUT the policies that he pursued clearly went against public health and mental health interests. He was an implementer of Covid tyranny and THAT is dangerous by any standard.

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