Merrick Garland He LIES And Then Threatens

The Attorney General of the United States was forced to come out and make a statement in regard to his outrageous raid on a former President’s private residence over “Paper Work”. The DOJ went on a fishing expedition cutting open his safe and routing through his wife’s under ware.

The Attorney General proceeded to lecture the American public how Honest, Balanced, and Professional he and his department is. That the American People should be ashamed for the derogatory way they are speaking of him, and the FBI…. How dare we….He Authorized the Warrant and that’s all you need to know.

Thank God this incompetent clown didn’t make it to the Bench of the Supreme Court. Sorry Mr. Attorney General Garland, but you are one of two things Incompetent or Evil. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just incompetent. What you have done is not equal execution of the Law, it is the exact opposite. The only question is will you compound this idiocy.

I’m giving 10-1 odds they they indict and arrest Trump before the Mid-Terms…. then the Panic will really begin when they have to deal with over 35 million pissed off Americans. How long before the Federal Government chooses force?

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