Labour’s top 5 priorities!


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There can’t be ANY doubt that after the votes are counted following the July 4th General Election, Labour will be forming the next Government which should then run for the next five years. I thought I might share with you what I think will be their top 5 priorities over this time and I suppose I can then be judged against these forecasts. Since it is very likely that they will have a large majority in the Commons against a broken and humbled Conservative Party, the fact is that they can do pretty much what they want to do. So what will that actually look like?

Sir Keir Starmer – ex Trilateral Commission enthusiast – is the Globalist choice to lead our Nation. His image has been carefully crafted not to frighten the masses. He is a hard core globalist whilst playing lip service to his alleged socialist roots, but what remains unknown is what he will actually DO once he gains the keys to Downing Street. So let’s zero in on his REAL priorities;

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