Can a woman have a penis?


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It REALLY shouldn’t be making headlining news in the British General Election and yet it is. Turns out that .. a woman cannot have a penis.

You see Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has appeared to harden (!) Labour‘s position on gender and biological sex as he said he now agrees with predecessor Tony Blair that only a man can have a penis.

The Labour leader has faced pressure from gender rights campaigners after previously saying that ‘99.9 per cent of women’ do not have the reproductive organ.  But he went further today on an election campaign visit to Basingstoke, which came after Sir Tony had offered a blunt assessment of his own position. 

Speaking to Holyrood magazine recently the former PM said politics had got itself into a ‘muddle’ over gender identity. ‘What is a woman? Well, it’s not a very hard thing for me to answer really,’ he said. I’m definitely of the school that says, biologically, a woman is with a vagina and a man is with a penis. I think we can say that quite clearly.’

Asked about the comments this afternoon Sir Keir said:

‘Yes, Tony is right about that, he put it very well.

But that’s NOT the best definition of a woman, is it?

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