Fundamental Jab Fallacies

If there isn’t a virus, why do you need a vaccine? If the vaccine can maim or kill you, why would you take it? Let’s examine the fallacies of Covid!

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One thought on “Fundamental Jab Fallacies

  1. Absolutely David, Convid is a genocidal psyop. I think it must have dawned on most people by now that Convid was brought in for the jabs, not the other way round. There were “little” clues in the media from day one, like: “We need to vaccinate everyone on the planet”, “No going back to the old normal” etc.

    I also have my doubts about mRNA jabs, I think they’re a scam within a scam. They’re really chemical rather than biological weapons, comprising reduced graphene oxide, hydrogels, PEG lipids and a wide range of heavy metals.

    Spike proteins have never been found in vaccinated people who are supposedly manufacturing them through mRNA technology. The only way researchers have claimed to have identified spike proteins in people is through fraudulent antibody tests (antibodies have been shown to be non-specific).


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