Dr John Campbell repents?

I watched an interesting discussion between Neil Oliver and Dr John Campbell in which John explains his increasing questioning of the Covid narrative. He now admits he was wrong to trust the Government and senior medical advisers. Yet some of his statements ring a little less than convincing.


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One thought on “Dr John Campbell repents?

  1. I’m gonna take a minute to think of giving John Campbell the benefit of the doubt……………ok minute up………..nope not happening. Here’s an idea for John Campbell, all the monies that he made from YouTube and all those that made monies from PPE contracts etc etc put all those gains into a pot to be given to those (families) that have died/been injured after having the jab. Then, if he gets involved with physically/mentally helping the injured/bereaved as many of us are doing on a day to day basis, then and only then I may consider giving him the benefit of the doubt! Actions speak louder than words John Campbell?


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