Covid takes a pre-Election holiday!

There are May elections in the UK and the Uniparty does not want to talk about Covid. So it is doing all it can to give you the *impression* that it is going away. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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One thought on “Covid takes a pre-Election holiday!

  1. Well said David. Vernon Coleman’s been very good on the Convid hoax with the big exception that he still promotes (imaginary) viruses, I guess just too many years of indoctrination. He’s also forecasting nuclear war, the ultimate depopulation measure. Fortunately, I believe (and many others) that “nuclear weapons” are just another fearmongering scam. Though of course, the military have a huge arsenal of real deadly weapons. No, I don’t believe Convid’s gone away either, the World Bank end date is some time in 2025.


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