Celebrating Mutilating healthy bodies.

Costa Coffee and Dr Marten’s have both been singled out for celebrating trans surgery via images they have pushed out. Inevitably, it is young girls with healthy breast tissue having it removed as they ”transit” to a new identity. This is incredibly sick and dangerous. Any woman who has gone through a double mastectomy will tell you of the trauma this entails so to be ”celebrating” such an act on a HEALTHY body is demonic.
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One thought on “Celebrating Mutilating healthy bodies.

  1. As an older Irish gay man and a traditional Irish Catholic patriot in the U.K. myself, I am totally opposed to this, especially in the case of young children who “transition” genders and also given the horror stories of “detransitioners” as not only is this so wrong on every level, it also ties into the depopulation plans of the globalists, as well as thier transhumanism agendas – it is totally demonic and satanic and we have been warned about this for decades – this is going to lead to a whole world of pain and suffering for many future generations in the decades ahead and not only does it fly in the face of biological reality, it directly challenges and usurps the role of God in creation, cutting God out entirely – this could spell the end for white western Christian civilisation less than 200 years from now long after we are all gone


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