A BIG week ahead!

Lots of great LIVE SHOWS coming your way next week. We will be discussing Scotland, Israel/Gaza and other madness with David Scott of UK Column fame on Monday. Tuesday, we will be talking about how the Courts are STILL fining those who ”broke” Covid Regs with my good friend David McCollum. Weds brings the return of John Hamer as we tackle…Moon Landings! Then course we have a bumper LIVE podcast on Thursday night…followed by a short rest and then our BIG LIVE EVENT in London on the 12th! If you value all this work, please consider supporting it by buying me a coffee!

Also please remember that we have a very special LIVE Event In LONDON 12th Dec with Andrew Bridgen MP and Carl Benjamin

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One thought on “A BIG week ahead!

  1. I especially look forward to listening to John Hamer on Wednesday. Of course the moon landings were a hoax. The often claimed rebuttal to this is “How could so many be in on it?” or “How could all the world’s space agencies be in on in on it?”. I think Convid has answered that question, an evil cabal controls this world. Here’s my favourite moon “landings” debunking video, humorous, only 13 mins, enjoy:


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