Will the quiet Reformers roar?


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With just a few weeks to go before the UK election, might there be a very quiet revolution happening in plain sight? The Daily Mail reports;

Millions of applications to vote have been submitted since the election was called on May 22, Government figures show. This includes an extraordinary 330,621 submitted on June 13 – the highest for a single day so far this year.

Let’s focus on that June 13th date, shall we? Was there something significant that happened around that date I wonder? Well, the answer is – YES!

On 3rd June, Nigel Farage announced that he was returning to lead Reform and to stand in Clacton for Parliament. 10 days on, as this news permeated the country and Reform generated massive publicity, was there something happening?

Political pundits have spoken off the “quiet Conservatives” in years gone by. Could we be witnessing the emergence of “quiet Reformers” – people from the Left and Right who might not publicly speak of their allegiance to Farage but who are preparing to come out and support him and his Party of Election Day? Might this explain the surge or at least part of it. We have witnessed Conservative and Labour support in the polls drop off even as Reform surges. What if the polls haven’t quite caught up with this factor?

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