What is it with these ridiculous ‘Vigils’?

I could have prophesied, immediately the news began circulating about the murder of a troubled young man who was dressing as a girl, that his ‘friends’ were arranging a vigil to tell everyone about how sad they were, and they were going to be lighting candles, and ‘praying’ for him.

It seems to me that if only one tenth of all this proposed ‘remembrance’ activity had in fact been made to deterring the ‘bullies’ who made this troubled young man’s life a hell on earth, the outcome would, perhaps, have been less of a burden for this young man, who went by the name of Brianna Ghey.

The ONLY stance against bullies of any sort is direct action, possibly physical action; because all bullies are cowards. If the so-called ‘friends’ were even able to make the cowards lie low, it maybe would have made all the difference. All the singing, all the ‘prayers’ mumbled, will not make one ha’porth of difference now, because the ‘targeted attack’ with knives carried by another young man and a young girl resulted in the death of the troubled youngster.

The ONLY thing achieved by these ridiculous ‘Vigils’ is a boom in profits of candle manufacturing. We now see these useless ‘vigils’ spreading all across the country, because attending a ‘vigil’ is possible the single thing which will certainly not make the slightest difference to any other attack, knife or otherwise, but will achieve lots of sage head nodding by the liberal left, who just ‘know’ that giving in, or staying silent, is always ‘safer’ than raising your voice, or your fists, in defence of the defenceless!

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