Trump CNN Townhall Full Show

On Wednesday evening CNN held a townhall event with President Trump. A lot of people on both sides were upset. The Right because he was doing it on CNN the second most Trump and MAGA station on the airways, and the Left because how dare CNN give a platform to the man most on the left believe should be hung. What for they have yet to prove, but he and all of MAGA should be hanged just on general principal.

I thought it was an excellent idea. CNN at one time was a reputable News Network, unfortunately that ended over a decade before Trump even thought of running when they became known as the Clinton News Network. Their reporting was biased even back then making the network almost impossible to watch.

For CNN to ever get back to being considered just another propaganda outlet for Democrats they need to cover both sides with as little bias as possible. CNN unlike MSNBC has a chance to regain audience and a little bit of faith and trust from the people outside the beltway now that FNC has lowered itself down to the same level as CNN & MSNBC.

Except they are far from there yet as the townhall shows. Please enjoy it in full and make your own observations. Trump was Trump and they couldn’t keep up in my view, tell me what you think.

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