The U.S. President has been bought, and the FBI has known for 3 years.

Before the Election Tony Bobulinski came out with both evidence and firsthand testimony that now President Joe Biden was involved personally in business deals with Enemy owned corporations, and was selling his Political Office of Vice President to enrich himself and his family.

Mr. Bobulinski’s coming forward was based on the public exposure of Hunter Biden’s Laptop. He knew the crimes that were recorded on it, were not just Hunter’s crimes but Joe Biden’s participation in those crimes, along with the very questionable financial deals in which Hunter was acting as bagman. Mr Bobulinski worked with the Biden’s, he was petrified that he would be drug down with them. He turned over evidence, gave testimony under oath to the FBI, and then the FBI buried it.

The FBI has had the Hunter laptop for over a year before the Election, and did nothing. Bobulinski came out a month before the Election. Each time the FBI and Department of Justice hid the information, burying it from investigation and public scrutiny. For over 3yrs they have obstructed justice.

2 years after Bobulinski corroborated it, it is still buried. The FBI Agent that Bobulinski gave his evidence and testimony to has suddenly “retired” and no one has picked up his investigations. Not one thing Bobulinski has said has ever been denied by the Biden’s let alone been proven false. Still the FBI/DOJ refuse to act.

Here is Mr. Bobulinski for the second time a month before another election repeating what the MSM, The FBI, and The DOJ are still refusing to investigate and hiding from the American Public.

Please listen to what he has to say, you look at the facts and decide for yourself whether you think anything is going on here or not. Has the President of the United States been bought and paid for?

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