The Durham Dud & FBI Stassi Stooges and Cover Up Team

The Durham Dud…. a sad but expected disappointment of a report came out this week. It gives us nothing new. It confirms for the 3rd time, this time by the DOJ itself that the FBI broke the Law and tried to frame Donald J Trump. It was done in Collusion with the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. Some of us have been saying that since 2016, but we’re the kooks. The Durham Report deserves it’s own discussion and will get one, here it is just another example of the systemic problem inside the department of justice.

Even with the DOJs own confirmation that Crossfire Hurricane, The Mueller Special Prosecution, and the 1st Impeachment were all based on Criminal Acts committed by the FBI and other members of the Federal Government not one person has been indicted. The odds that anyone will be indicted are slim to none. Not because the evidence isn’t there, but because the two people who were indicted even after admitting on the stand their guilt, the D.C. Jury refused to convict, and the perpitrators of the crimes that were committed are all employees of the Federal Government.

The majority of the crimes committed against Trump and the American People were committed by the FBI. The FBI/DOJ systematically and repeatedly broke the Law. They falsified evidence, and lied under oath not only to Congress and the American People, but to the FISA Court. A court designed to fight Terrorism. FISA allows prosecutors to ignore a persons Civil Rights because evidence has been brought before showing that person to be a threat to National Security.

The FBI falsified evidence, lying under oath on 4 occasions to allow them to Spy on Trumps campaign and then later to undermine his Presidency. No one is being prosecuted because Congress can not arrest or try anyone, they have to turn their evidence over to the FBI/DOJ to have anyone indicted and prosecuted. Since the majority of those that committed these crimes work for FBI/DOJ the FBI will not arrest itself, and the DOJ will not prosecute themselves. They have made themselves exempt from the rule of law.

Here is the FBI’s response to the report detailing the basic outline of their crimes.

FBI Responds to Durham Report, Acknowledges ‘Missteps’

May 15, 2023

Statement on Report by Special Counsel John Durham

The conduct in 2016 and 2017 that Special Counsel Durham examined was the reason that current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which have now been in place for some time. Had those reforms been in place in 2016, the missteps identified in the report could have been prevented. This report reinforces the importance of ensuring the FBI continues to do its work with the rigor, objectivity, and professionalism the American people deserve and rightly expect.

Except that statement by the FBI is totally and provably false. Not one person was held accountable for the crimes they committed. No prosecutions, firings, a disciplinary action was taken at all against any of the perpetrators of these crimes.

The FBI is working outside of the law as an arm of the Democrat party with policing authority and powers. They refuse any and all oversight by Congress. There are currently two Congressional Committees investing the President and his family for Bribery, Influence Peddling, and Tax Fraud. Several whistle blowers and informants have come forward.

One of those informants whose name has been withheld filed a FD-1023 Confidential Informant Form that claimed the FBI document included evidence that Biden, while vice president, was allegedly involved in an illegal payment that also involved a foreign national.

Both Sen. Grassley and Rep. Comer sent letters to the FBI to get this unclassified form, their letters were ignored. Finally Rep. Comer through the oversight committee subpoenaed the FBI for the form. The FBI refused to comply with the subpoena. They refuse oversight.

Here is FBI Director Wray testifying before the Oversight Committee telling them in the nicest way he is not going to comply with the law and allow Congress to do any oversight of their activities.

Wray’s statement was also backed up with a 6 page Letter that can be summed up the same as Wray’s statement. Yes we have the document and no Congress can not perform it’s Constitutional duty of oversight.

Now understand that this confidential informants charge about the then Vice President Biden selling influence is not proof that President Biden has actually done so. What the committee wants to see and know is the exact nature of those accusations, and more important what the FBI did to verify, or dismiss the accusations that were made.

That is what the Justice Department doesn’t want. This informant came forward a couple of years ago, the committee believes the FBI just filed it in drawer and did nothing to verify or dismiss the claims because the claims were against Joe Biden the Democrat Vice President at the time.

This is how Senator Grassley put it in their response.

WASHINGTON—House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) issued the following statements on the FBI failing to comply with Chairman Comer’s subpoena seeking an unclassfied FBI generated FD-1023 form that allegedly details a bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national.

“It’s clear from the FBI’s response that the unclassified record the Oversight Committee subpoenaed exists, but they are refusing to provide it to the Committee. We’ve asked the FBI to not only provide this record, but to also inform us what it did to investigate these allegations. The FBI has failed to do both. The FBI’s position is ‘trust, but you aren’t allowed to verify.’ That is unacceptable. We plan to follow up with the FBI and expect compliance with the subpoena,” said Chairman Comer.

“While the FBI has failed to produce the specific document by the subpoena deadline, their offer to provide an accommodation process in response to our legitimate request indicates the document is real. So the question remains, what did the FBI do to investigate very serious allegations from an apparent trusted FBI source implicating then-Vice President Biden? Today’s letter from the FBI raises additional questions, including whether the FBI has an open investigation based on these allegations. The American people pay the FBI’s salaries, and they’re entitled to a fulsome response,Senator Grassley said.

Based on whistleblower disclosures, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation possess an unclassified FD-1023 form that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions. It has been alleged that the document includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose.

We have a Justice department that has become the Stassi for the Democrat Party. Since the 2 terms of President Obama the DOJ has consistently and repeatedly engaged in attacks on the Civil Rights of the American People while actively engaging in cover ups of crimes committed by government officials and their families.

We have a real problem.

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