The Bird Flu scam.

We are told that the UK is currently suffering from a deadly outbreak of “Bird Flu” – and eggs are being rationed in major supermarkets. The Government response to alleged outbreaks of “Bird Flu” is to insist that farmers lock down their flocks and if there are any positive cases, cull the flock. But what if this is ALL based on a flawed test?


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2 thoughts on “The Bird Flu scam.

  1. The shortage is due to supermarkets not wanting to pay the farmers a fair price, nothing else. Boycott the supermarkets and find a local supplier, support the farmers directly and cut out the greedy middle man.

    1. Hi Mr G,

      I agree that the Supermarkets won’t pay a fair price BUT I think you have to accept that slaughtering flocks for a non existent “disease” restricts supply.

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