Striking Nurses!

These Angels of Mercy care so much that…they want to go on strike and deny you service during the pre-Christmas period. Still clapping for them?


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3 thoughts on “Striking Nurses!

  1. There was a HUGE distinction between the hospital nurses tiktoking on empty wards to community nurses like me who were out doing the job of GPs who were/are MIA, we had it tough and then some. I am so worn out with caring I have had to drop hours to stop becoming unwell. The NHS is kaput and crap but there is a small proportion of nurses who still give a damn.

    1. Well I have been fighting to get my knee sorted out now for over 2 half years, had to fight just to the doctor to start with, then fight to get an X-ray, then fight to get an MRI, then fight to get to see a specialist (Jan 23) THEN THERE IS A 53 WEEK WAIT FOR AN OP, Yet the NHS take from hard working people over £200Bn a year yet it’s still want more, it need scrapping and starting again. You can get cheaper private medical insurance then the HNS now. The NHS is just like the BBC A WASTE OF MONEY


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