Safe and Effective?


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It’s arguable that the claim made by Big Pharma, the Media and the Political/Commentary class that the Covid jabs were “100% safe” and “100% effective” may prove to be the biggest lie in history. What is really sad is how those of us who raised concerns from the outset about the efficacy of these jabs are seeing what we forecast confirmed in real life. Here are just TWO stories in the SAME paper on the SAME day!


As you will recall, there was huge pressure put on Sportspeople to take the Covid jabs and whilst some like Novak Djovavich courageously held out against them, others caved and went along. I can understand the pressures they faced and when you are young and have only limited time in your profession it’s not that hard to figure why they complied. We have all seen the videos of football players collapsing on the field of play holding their chests. This, we are assured, is perfectly natural and has been happening since time immortal. Which of course, it just a lie.

These days, sports people are super fit and often have a large medical team around them to ensure they stay that way as they are an important financial asset of the team that owns them. Yet down they fall. We all know why.

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