Return to the EU!

In the UK, the Sunday newspapers are great for Kite flying.

By “kite flying ” I mean the well-established practise of  a Government testing out certain ideas to see how they will fly with certain target groups.  With the compliance of the scumbag Media, potential future narratives can be seeded in the public psyche. Yesterday’s press did not disappoint because bang on cue came “anonymously” sourced stories that the UK was now looking to develop a “new’ special relationship with the EU.

The Sunday Times, a trusted organ of the deep State, reported that Rishi Sunak’s government would look to pursue frictionless trade with the EU, which Britain left in January 2020. The newspaper said a potential deal could be modelled in some way on Switzerland’s EU relationship but that this would not involve a return to freedom of movement. Switzerland has access to the EU’s single market, but in return has to accept conditions, including freedom of movement and payments into the bloc’s budget – a model previously rejected by British ministers during negotiations with Brussels.

Naturally, when this story started to break, Government Ministers such as Steve Barclay appeared on TV to instantly denied it. Well, that should surprise no one – he would say that- but it’s all part of the complex game that they play. They push out the broad idea that they are thinking, see what the reaction to it is from amongst their own ranks, and then they refine it. It is always a work in motion.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Brexit is being systematically reversed and that the medium term plan is to bring the UK back into the EU, in one form or another. The Conservatives are central to this betrayal of the 17.4m Brits who voted for us to LEAVE the EU.

You see it was never supposed to happen in the first place, and as you will remember the entire British establishment did all it could to ensure that a Remain vote prevailed. But they narrowly failed, and the Brexit voice triumphed to the absolute dismay of then Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, who had campaigned to Remain. He promptly resigned was replaced by Theresa May. She was another Remain supporter, despite attempts to paint her as a shy Leaver. But her Party convulsed as she sought to deliver a Brexit-in-name-only and she was replaced by Boris Johnson – a man who had argued for and against Brexit, before finally seeing that the tide was running in favour of Brexit and choosing that side from sheer political opportunism. He then delivered a rhetorical Brexit in late 2019 which kept Northern Ireland anchored in the Single Market and subject to the European Courts.

And then came Covid.

2020 and 2021 saw any prospect of delivering the actual Brexit potential put on the back burner, and all political focus was on Covid. By mid 2022, Johnson was enveloped in scandal and resigned in disgrace. Remarkably Liz Truss temporarily replaced him, she was another Remainer! Then came the sudden rise of arch Remainer Jeremy Hunt to the crucial office of Chancellor of the Exchequer and the elevation of globalist puppet Rishi Sunak to Prime Minister. The trap has been set.

Sunak and Hunt have raised taxes across the board, making the UK one of the more expensive places in the world to do business. That goes a long way to nullifying any Brexit bonus. They are clearly disinterested in controlling our borders and the suggestion of light touch regulation has been crushed. Throw in surging self-inflicted inflation and soaring interest rates and the UK is hurtling off down the tracks into full blown recession.

But it’s not enough. The UK has to comprehensively brought back into orbit around the EU and the first step here is to push out the fake notion that “growth” can be achieved if the entire UK could link back into the EU Single market. At a stroke, that would kill off the remnants of Brexit, like a Covid jab killing healthy immune cells. I believe this idea will be firmed up and will be sold to the British people as the amazing “solution” to the Northern Ireland protocol issue. All of a sudden, the entire UK is subject to EU rules so no need for the existing sea border. This was the entire point of the EU/UK agreeing to the border up the Irish Sea. It was a trojan horse!

In 2024, this current Conservative Government will fall, and the pro EU Labour led by Sir Keir Starmer will succeed it. Labour mostly  never wanted anything to do with Brexit and Starmer will be the one who ultimately makes the legislative changes to bring us back into the EU club. He will claim he is helping grow the UK economy and building on the work Sunak/Hunt have already started. The Uniparty knows exactly what it is doing.

So be under no illusion – the majority Remainers in Parliament have subverted the will of the 17.4m who thought that by voting they could free their country from the tendrils of the EU. But it’s what happens inside the Palace of Westminster that decides our fate. It’s not only Brussels we need to be liberated from – it’s also Westminster!

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