Princess Catherine – My Fair Lady.


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Right, buckle up because we have a rabbit hole that we need to visit and it concerns the newly returned to the public realm – Princess Catherine.

In order to understand this one, you need to be familiar with two things. The first of these is the 1964 movie “My Fair Lady”

As you can see, Audrey Hepburn featured as Eliza Doolittle. The plot of the movie set in 1910s London, is that snobbish phonetics professor Henry Higgins agrees to a wager that he can make crude flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, presentable in high society.

Next thing you need to know about is the Code given to the death of a Queen – in this case Queen Elizabeth.

Now we turn to Princess Catherine who looked so radiant on Saturday at the Trooping of the Colour.

Do you see anything that seems a little curious? Her dress seems very similar to that worn by Eliza Doolittle.

Which brings us to the popular song “London Bridge is Falling down” and the refrain in it;

“London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
My fair lady”

Such a coincidence.

Just what we were being told on Saturday?

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