Pizza Psyops in Ukraine.

The mainstream media narrative exists purely to disrupt the truth, I am sure you understand that all too well, and I bring you a perfect example of this in my column today. Last week, a Russian missile randomly hit a Pizza restaurant in the eastern European city of Kramatorsk. Or so we are asked to believe.

“Four children were among 11 people killed in this devastating Russian rocket attack on a packed pizza restaurant in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. Ukraine’s state emergency service said at least 56 people were injured, some critically, when two Iskander missiles slammed into the cafe in the city centre on Tuesday evening, when it was full of diners. The restaurant is popular with civilians and international journalists.”

Indeed, one of these journalists was the award-winning Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina and sadly she has subsequently died from her injuries. There has been a co-ordinated chorus of condemnation of Russia but strangely no one has asked why Russia would want to target this popular Pizza Restaurant. It seems an unlikely choice, you might think.

I will attempt to explain exactly what happened but first here is a clue. A hardened US mercenary called Jan Frank Tortorci was killed in the same missile strike that took the life of Victoria Amelina. He just happened to be having a pizza when Russia struck against him. So why might a US mercenary be eating in the same Pizza restaurant as the Ukrainian journalist? His death has been reported on CBS News and it was stated that he had been in Ukraine since the spring of 2022 and was part of a U.S. Mercenary force.

It turns out that the location that the Russian missiles hit was being used by Ukrainian militants and indeed several mercenaries were present and some, like Tortorci, were killed. It is reported that one of those wounded had a tattoo indicating he belonged to the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment of the US Armed Forces. Whether he was there as an instructor, or a mercenary, is not clear. Another video at the scene shows a man wandering around with the emblem of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Armed Forces. It is also claimed that members of the Ukrainian Nazi “Azov” battalions were present and killed.

That they would use the surroundings of a civilian hotel and restaurant is the actual war crime that has been committed here and indeed this has been going on for some time as Zelensky’s forces deliberately position themselves right beside or even inside civilian infrastructure hoping that will stop Russia attacking them. On this occasion they got that one wrong and took serious losses. Unfortunately, but as a direct consequence of what these mercenaries and Ukrainian regular forces did, civilians also did die and that is deeply regrettable. The Western media then swoop in, sanitise any aspect of the mercenary angle, and present is as Russia’s fault. The real atrocity here is the Ukrainian military use of civilian infrastructure and the media cover up.

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