New Year for soul-searching


Indeed, 1st January is a big day because we step into a day which is the beginning of the year. Absolutely a new time — a time for celebration, a time for fun. Of course, also a new occasion to feel important to resolve to take up promising things and think more thoughtfully. But one is extremely confused as to what is the reason that is so significant that we should celebrate the occasion by literally letting our hair down— — shedding all human inhibitions with booze and organizing wild parties. I feel what we have been doing is absolutely the reverse.

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  We should be introspecting on the year gone by and feel a sense of regret that another year has also just elapsed without our being able to become a little more humane. We should feel that it is more important to kneel down with remorse and tears in our eyes before the altar begging the Almighty for His pardons for having become more prone to commit sins these days than in the previous years. More than anything, why are we not aware that we have become “older by one more year”, which is a matter of regret, not joy? Of course, if this new year celebration could make us younger by a year, then we could certainly “jump and hop” like a child in ecstasy and wish everyone — a happy new year! This is not to preach and spread a message of pessimism but just a reality check! 

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  Our mindless merry-making and big bashes are ephemeral joys. I believe we should learn to think other way around too. We need to ponder on the reality and the inevitable truth affecting the whole of mankind and governing the whole universe.

  Should we not acknowledge that the year that has just passed by (2022) was marked by more incidents of heartless shooting, bombing, kidnapping, rapes, adultery, suicide, corruption, and divorces than the previous years, 2021, 2020, 2019..? This clearly proves that we have gradually become lesser humans. Let’s try to find out how our minds are being littered with more vices in successive years. Further, let us also start soul-searching as to what we have been doing in the name of new year celebrations. Are those celebrations worthwhile and value-based? Would they be helpful in the growth and evolvement of our “inner selves”? Will they be helpful in purifying the environment we live in?

  However, a New Year is a significant occasion to do real introspection, to be more meditative! We should learn to make solemn resolutions to undertake constructive things rather than being lost in a series of frenetic entertainments. It is rather an important time to glorify the Almighty who has created this wonderful world and eternal TIME instead of becoming appreciative of erotic dances or getting lost in the meaningless features on TV channels. When shall we realize that our indulgences and preoccupations these days are of an exceedingly lower grade and that they only lead us to the abyss of confusion, frustration and, subsequently, degradation of mental faculties? “A new year cannot be happy” unless we learn to introspect and make self-correction. A Happy New Year-2023!

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  1. It is a very important write up /article for all the people of the world irespective of their caste creed race and religion. As all are mortal everyone has to die oneday and every year reduces the period of their life span.As such there is no question of celebration on reducing our life span.


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