Marcuse, Frankfurt School and the Genesis of today’s Western Catastrophe

I want to highlight where the key concepts driving events, which often confound and infuriate us each day, were incubated and then funded into fruition.


Herbert Marcuse,

In “An Essay on Liberation,”

of the Frankfurt School and architect of the New Left, makes an argument for forging an alliance movement between the “bourgeois” Leftist students, the intelligentsia in the universities and minorities and “ghetto” populations to provide the impetus for revolution. What he means by revolution is presumably sweeping away existing culture, laws, economics and ultimately replacing a way of life.

The evidence of this manifesting is in the news daily, we can see the mass immigration, movements like BLM, critical race theory being pushed in academic institutions and a very vocal alliance between the intelligencia and minorities, especially noticeable in the dynamics of Labour party. Any movement requires money and the money pushing the Marcusian revolution is coming through Soros’s Open Society who funds mass immigration and probably Just Stop Oil (bourgeois students ), BlackRock through DEI and ESG scores, corporate culture through funding of BLM, and Big Money in terms of funding academics. Big Media use their teeth to attack anyone who’s against the elements the of Marcusian revolution ensuring cancel culture. Jeffry Epstein was a person strongly linked to Harvard funding which is just one example of how easily academia can be subverted. Many US universities are actually hedge funds which means they are caught up in the whole corrupt financial ecosystem.

As with all shades of communist thinking, the ends justify the means for leftist revolutionary movements, which shows their chutzpah.

refuse to grow up and get a job,

His new New Left movement was also rather keen on seeding a mentality where kids

because attacking functioning, prosperous, free societies is a moral duty. Note how in the Far East and Sub Continent students are still encouraged, even pressured to work hard, get good grades and enter challenging professions. However, in the Western X-Factor culture, too many kids want to become “famous” and tend to avoid difficult degrees in favour of soft subjects, travelling and partying.

The logic of the liberal left today is overwhelmingly rooted in an essay published in 1965 by, you guessed, Herbert Marcuse. This essay is “Repressive Tolerance,” and the thesis statement of this essay can be summarised as “movements from the left must be extended tolerance, even when they are violent, while movements from the right must not be tolerated, including suppressing them by violence.” This asymmetric ethic is perfectly demonstrated in the totally peaceful riots after George Floyd’s death, contrasted to the deadly insurrection on Jan 6 by random boomers wandering peaceably in a public place. Big Media constantly perpetuate this repressive tolerance concept, showing the blatant complicity by corporate media (the control of which is in the hands of a few extremely rich people) in aiding and abetting a false perception that favours leftist revolution with minority communities and the “ghetto”, his words not mine

In his other offering, “A Biological Foundation for Socialism?”Marcuse makes the case that to achieve a liberated utopia, man will have to be changed at the level of his fundamental needs, his instincts, and his biology, and that this can be accomplished by making him live in a society that “introjects” a new critical morality into him. Doesn’t this sound like Noah Harari and the WEF.

“Changed at the level of his fundamental needs, his instincts, and his biology” would this include DNA change via mRNA or food ie fluoride, to make us more malleable. This also snacks of mind control and manipulation as in the COVID era. All this seems highly authoritarian and paternalistic – Big Brother will change us for the better and without our consent. What exactly is a liberal utopia? It’s a highly subjective concept and anything being drummed into society through subversive means isn’t liberal and it’s definitely not going to be a utopia, unless you are talking about the architects of this moral monstrosity. Note that we’ll be “introjected” socially by a new critical morality, that sounds incredibly sinister. I’m hearing brainwashing, bullying, gaslighting, propaganda and elimination of free speech and dissent.

1984 anyone?

Note the words “making him live in a society“, there’s going to be no choice, no other option, another group will impose this on you.

It’s clear the media, publishing industry, Hollywood and education will play a massive role in this change in thinking and it cannot be done without the government and regulators; note the recent Harms Bil in the UK affecting all free speech.

But the fact that it’s also “Biological” is alarming and shocking given the evidence of DNA changes possible with mRNA technology and that these changes will be passed to offspring. So Big Pharmaceuticals are also helping the Marcusian revolution.





It’s an unholy alliance of Marcusian fundamentalists, Marxist academia, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Money, phoney philanthropy, Big Media and governments.

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