Letting the sun go down…


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Ever have a day when you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed, when holding the centre seems impossible? I have a few like that and maybe this is a good place to air those feelings.

I try to juggle many things. I typically push out 6 podcasts most days, I broadcast 2 live shows many weeks, I do a live podcast special most Thursdays. On top of that, I have a very busy X/Twitter with an audience of 235k. I run my own website, try to put on live events, and then there is my Substack.

I wish I could be more prolific here, I wish my Substack was growing in significant ways. Hope makes a good breakfast but a poor supper. So I do struggle a bit and feel torn. I love the written word and like being able to talk to you here in ways I don’t elsewhere. Life is always a struggle between that which is desirable and that which is possible. One thing I notice about Substack is that the more content I put out the more the interaction.

It’s such a challenge.

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