Just how BADLY is the Uniparty polling?


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The contrived weekend pile-on of Nigel Farage by the UK political and media elite is a truly sickening sight to behold. It is essentially a British variant of the “Trump is a Russian Agent” scam that they ran in 2016. The Establishment hates disruptors, anything that disturbs their cosy Uniparty consensus. Trump was a primary disruptor and so is Farage. In recent weeks, the momentum of the Reform party under Farage has been remarkable and it does look the Conservatives are going to be crushed. This is a very disturbing prospect for the Uniparty and so stopping Farage was crucial.

I covered the actual hit job here so I don’t want to repeat myself. Instead I wanted to talk about the possible explanation for the media panic against Reform. You see there are two types of opinion poll – public and private. The Polling Organisations that produce the PUBLIC polls make no money from them as the information is freely available. It engages the media and gains them profile. But the same polling organisations also provide PRIVATE polls and I suspect this is where the real worries originate. Let’s consider what might really be happening in the background that necessitated the Farage hit-job.

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