Is Princess Catherine linked to the Rothschilds?


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I know, l know. How on EARTH could there be a link between Princess Catherine and the bloodline lineage of the Rothschilds? Well, turns out that there is one possible such link. As you may know, her father is Michael Middleton. Her mother’s married name is Carole Middleton BUT her maiden name is Carol Goldsmith. And that’s where we start our journey.

The Goldsmiths aka the Goldschmidt are a prominent family and financial dynasty of German Jewish descent, originally from Frankfurt am Main. With origins tracing back to the 14th century, most members left Frankfurt after the 1614 Fettmilch uprising, and did not return until the 18th century. We further discover that the family was interwoven particularly with the Rothschild family, the Bischoffsheim family and with the Bartolome Family, one of the richest families of Monaco.

This is all pure bloodline and it’s interesting how it contrasts with the media portrayal of the Middetons as just another middle class English family whose daughter was fortunate to marry into Royalty. But what if she too had “royal” bloodline? We DO know that several other Goldsmiths have been prominent in high circles. You may recall the financier Sir James Goldsmith, Lady Annabel Goldsmith and the former Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith.

Back to Carole. If you check her up you will see that everything about is very much middle-working class. Then we discover that her brother Gary is a millionaire. As you do. Meanwhile her husband Michael is descended from a prominent Yorkshire family with aristocratic roots; his grandmother Olive Middleton was a V.A.D.nurse alongside her second cousin Florence, Baroness Airedale.

I see this as all about bloodlines and the idea that Catherine is just a nice middle class girl who married well is nonsense. The bloodlines perpetuate themselves and when she becomes Queen, I am sure the Rothschilds will smile.

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