Iran has the Bomb, and they are going to use it!

Sit back and allow me to give you the point of view of a nobody American. Just a member of the average middle class. Iran has a functional Nuclear Weapon, it’s just waiting for the right scenario to use it. A scenario where they won’t get Nuked in retaliation of the West.

It’s playing out right before our eyes.

First a massive attack from Gaza in the South, today a massive attack in the North from Lebanon. Both attacks arranged, paid for and directed by Iran.

The Israeli’s will and are striking back with ferocity. As the Terrorist Army of Iran strikes and the World Press Condemn Israel they provide the needed propaganda for Iran to set one of it’s Nukes off in Tel-Aviv.

How will your Nation react when this happens? Will they cheer, will they sit back and do nothing?

The fanatics in Iran believe they can bring back Jesus in the form of the 13th Mahdi. To do so the World must be bathed in infidel blood…. they believe it’s time for our Bath….

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3 thoughts on “Iran has the Bomb, and they are going to use it!

  1. My brother and sister both take a great interest in the goings-on in Israel.
    Myself, the only thing I knew about anything Israel, was from a little bit of bible growing up and having once been in the Loyal Orders and being a lecturer in those organisations. I can’t get my head around the everyday politics of the region and am still on a steep learning curve.
    I like to take on board, all sides and appreciate this article for adding a new point of view.

  2. it’s just my short perspective Dee. I have always followed the politics of Israel. I am a Catholic, or was raised that way anyhow, but I have always been fascinated by both the politics and military aspect of Israel and the Middle East in regard to the U.S.

  3. Islam does not identify Jesus as the Mahdi aka the 12th Imam among Shiites. Muslims do revere Jesus as the second most important figure after the Mahdi. Jesus’ primary purpose will be to oversee the institution and the enforcement of the Islamic Shariah law all over the world.


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