I am Not a Fan of Alex Jones, but He’s Back on X, and Tucker Carlson Interviewed Him.

In my personal view Alex Jones isn’t just a conspiracy theorist, he give’s conspiracy theorists a bad name. His nonsense with Sandy Hook should never, and will never be forgiven.

That does not mean that because he spouts lunacy a good bit of the time that he should be denied the right to spout it. The United States is built supposedly with it’s number one core principle being just that – you can say whatever the HELL you want. Unless you are calling for immediate violence.

Over the past 4 years our government has been trying to change that. They have been acting like the rest of the world and not only censoring peoples speech, but even locking people up for it. So much so that it is reaching a head that I don’t believe that the powers that be really understand. It is a greater volatile issue than the dweeb Bureaucrats behind trying to crush it comprehend.

It rubs the majority on both sides of every issue the wrong way. Speech has always been, throughout History, the match that lights the fuse. A large bucket of water has been thrown on that fuse by Elon Musk. His purchase of Twitter and his public stance on Free Speech has gone a long way to defusing a growing situation that could and would have lead to catastrophic events.

There is an old saying, I don’t know who originally said it. I have repeated it often because it was what I was taught America was all about. ” I may Not Agree With a Damn Thing You’re Saying, But I will Fight To The Death For Your Right To Say It.” So Welcome Back Alex Jones.

Here is the Tucker Carlson Interview with Alex Jones

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