Gender fascism


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One of the most alarming aspects of the Trans movement is the implied violence it deploys towards those who challenge it. Let’s take the case of Labour MP Rosie Duffield.

Labour candidate Rosie Duffield has just announced that she has withdrawn from hustings events as she does not feel safe.

Ms Duffield, who hopes to be re-elected in the Canterbury constituency, has previously faced death threats and multiple instances of abuse over her stance on sex and gender. In a statement posted on X, she blamed “constant trolling, spite and misrepresentation”, which she said was “being pursued with a new vigour during this election”. She added “sadly the actions of a few fixated people has made my attendance impossible” and she plans to hold “secure” local events instead, having told The Times earlier this week that she has spent £2,000 on bodyguards while campaigning.

This sums up the threat that “gender critical” people face if they dare challenge the body mutilation cult.

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