Foreigners are dumb about America, just look at the Guardians David Smith

Mr. Smith is the Washington DC bureau chief of The Guardian a British leftwing rag. Here is his very short Wiki Bio:

David Richard Smith is the Washington DC bureau chief of The Guardian.[1] From 2010 to 2015 Smith was the Africa correspondent for The Guardian for which he was based in JohannesburgSouth Africa. Smith is a graduate of the University of Leeds.[3] Smith married American actress Andrea Harris, a grand-daughter of historically influential African American psychologists and educators Kenneth and Mamie Clark, at the Loeb Boathouse in Central ParkManhattanNew York City on 18 September 2010.

Trump’s Project 2025 plot would take ‘wrecking ball’ to US institutions, key Democrat warns

Jared Huffman sounds alarm over extremist manifesto for second Trump term produced by Heritage Foundation

The blueprint for a potential second Donald Trump presidency known as Project 25 would take “a wrecking ball” to America’s democratic norms and institutions, a leading Democrat has warned.

Representative Jared Huffman spoke to the Guardian before the launch of a congressional working group designed to sound the alarm about the rightwing roadmap and ensure that Trump never has the chance to implement its extreme agenda.

Representative Jared Huffman is a Career Politician and California Leftwing Loon, who not only does not believe in God, but who wants to persecute anyone who does. He’s an Environmental Nutcase who believes that mankind is the threat and all man’s activities must be controlled by those in the Government who know better what’s good for us than we peasants.

The near 900-page Project 2025 handbook was produced by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative thinktank in Washington, as a manifesto for expanding the power of the presidency while dismantling layers of government. It recommends purging the federal ranks of many appointed roles and stacking agencies with loyalists.

Instead of the Fear Mongering and lies of how the Guardian explains it, try reading the details from the source. Project 2025.

This would lay waste to democratic institutions, checks on executive power, individual rights and freedoms, and church-state separation in order to impose a far-right agenda, Huffman said. “You can look at what they’re going to do to our democracy: weaponising the Department of Justice, clearing away any norms that limit executive power.

This Paragraph demonstrates the stupidity of Mr. Smith truly is, or how totally dishonest. I leave the choice of which to you. There are no democratic institutions that have a check of Presidential power. The only Institutions that do are the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. The “Institutions” every department were created by Congress whether they are under control of the President, Court, or Congress they are SUBSERVIANT to all 3. They can provide NO checks and balances. They are supposed to be tools to help the 3 branches deliver the Policies that each branch comes up with. They are not the people who dictate what is supposed to be done or how.

This from at the mouth cry by the left  weaponising the Department of Justice, is standard Leftist behavior. The left always accuses the right of doing exactly what the left are actually doing. Especially in this case. The White House has been using the DOJ to coordinate Legal Attacks on the former President, and everyone who has been associated with him since before he took office in 2016. Every case, every charge has been conceived, organized, and devised, by the Biden White House to damage if not eliminate it’s political opponent Donald Trump.

“You can look at what they’re going to do to the civil service with ‘Schedule F’ [an executive order Trump issued in 2020 that sought to strip job protections from tens of thousands of federal employees], putting their political operatives throughout the government and firing people based on political loyalty to Donald Trump.

The Bureaucracy/Civil Service is the LARGEST employer in the United States, and the largest UNION. This was not how our system was designed, nor how it was ever meant to be. Even FDR who pushed National Union swore Government Workers would never be Unionized, the main reason being their contracts can not be negotiated by the people who actually employ them, The American Taxpayer. Our politicians over the past 100yrs have turned the Civil Service into the real unelected Government with the power to creat Law with absolutely no oversight or accountability.

“[Look at] what they would obviously do for women’s reproductive freedom and rolling back rights and protections for the LGBTQ community. Church-state separation – in the name of religious freedom, allowing all of this discrimination and further embedding Christian privilege into our government and public policies. It goes on and on.”

The United States is a Christian Country, based on Christian Morals, with those morals being the basis for our Law’s. There is no thing as Separation of Church and State. The only seperation or restriction is that the Government can not create it’s OWN religion. Our Founders believed that if we removed the belief in a Higher Power and Morality that our country would collapse. As we are witnessing first hand today.

Founding members of the Stop Project 2025 Task Force joining Huffman are Ted Lieu, vice-chair of the Democratic Caucus; Nanette Barragán, chair of the Hispanic Caucus; Judy Chu, chair of the Asian Pacific American Caucus; Mark Pocan, chair of the Equality Caucus and Labor Caucus; Diana DeGette, co-chair of the Pro-Choice Caucus; Jamie Raskin, co-chair of the Freethought Caucus and ranking member of the House oversight committee; and Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Progressive Caucus.

A list of Leftwing, Progressive(communist), Radical Loons, all of which do not believe in the restraints placed upon them by the Constitution.

The Project 2025 document makes recommendations across four broad fronts: restoring the family as the centrepiece of American life; dismantling the administrative state; defending the nation’s sovereignty and borders; and securing “God-given” individual rights to live freely. That would translate into a fresh crackdown on reproductive freedom and draconian immigration laws – including even religious tests – within the first six months of a Trump presidency.

The true babbling of a brainwashed twit. The American Family Unit is the bedrock of America. The proof lies in our major cities where 90% of their population have no family units. The result is rampant drug use, rampant violence, and a majority population who can barely read or write, let alone hold a job if any existed in these cities. Reproductive Rights are a State issue NOT a Federal one. Even with the overturning of Roe vs Wade the Abortion rate has increased not decreased, but hell it makes a great talking point to scare the uneducated. As for Immigration just as London the US is being overrun by unvetted Illegals that are destroying the west from within.

Huffman added: “What is new and different is that you have the most well-placed members of Team trump, people that will hold senior positions in a second Trump presidency, openly proclaiming this is what they’re going to do, starting on day one. We’ve never seen this kind of sort of hubris and impunity.

Back in the 80s Ed Rendell a Democrat Mayor of Philadelphia came to office and fired every city employee that was a Registered Republican. No News Agency or Democrat politician had a single word to say about that… I guess Mr. Smith and the Guardian missed that?

“It is just a wrecking ball against everything that most of us hold dear about our country and our democracy, and that’s the biggest challenge we face … How do you explain that this really is what they’re going to do without overwhelming people?”

It is NOT a wrecking ball, it is a long overdue correction that needs to done to save the Republic. First off the United States is NOT a Democracy. It is a Republic where the people elect Representatives to enact the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Not to follow the dictates of the bureaucrat’s or career elected officials.

One answer, the California representative hopes, is the taskforce, intended to serve as a hub for members of Congress, civil society and affected communities to coordinate on examining, highlighting, pre-empting and counteracting what they see as a rightwing plot to undermine democracy.

Propaganda a Fear Mongering

Huffman explained: “It’s a two-part objective. One is to help the American people understand that this is real and that it’s coming, because if they do understand, I think they’re going to want no part of it.

He’s wrong, this Atheist Career Politician refuses to accept that this is EXACTLY what the majority of the American people want.

“The second part is, in the unthinkable, if Trump somehow manages to win, we’re not going to have the luxury of time. If we’re reacting to these things as they’re rolling out, or in any way caught off-guard, we’re going to lose, so we’ve got to be ready to to call it out and fight it in real time, and that means we need to really understand it now.”

NO, what the people do understand is that the Democrat Party has been turning the U.S. into a Tyranny as bad as China, and the former Soviet Union, We the People welcome the fight, and more so the honesty of how far the left has brought us to the brink of destruction. Our goal is for the “Progressive” left lose and be dismantled.

Huffman – the only publicly declared non-religious member of the House of Representatives – is a co-founder of the Freethought Caucus and gravely concerned about maintaining the separation of church and state. The taskforce is set to hold a series of mock hearings in the coming months, with different members presiding depending on the subject matter.

Commie Show Trials to evoke fear and panic.

A press release for the taskforce noted: “While Project 2025 is being run out of the Heritage Foundation, its advisers include former Trump White House aides like Stephen Miller, and more than half the groups supporting the effort have received $21.5m in funding from Leonard Leo’s dark-money network.”

Nothing compared to the $Billions funded by Soros to destroy our Republic.

The taskforce will work with outside groups including Accountable US, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU and the Center for American Progress.

All funded by Soros.

Many are already bracing for Project 2025 in the event of a Joe Biden defeat in November. The advocacy organisation Democracy Forward is preparing counter-measures including litigation to disrupt any effort to implement the radical plans.

Lawfare, can’t win by vote find a sympathetic Judge and DA also funded by Soros.

Skye Perryman, president and CEO of Democracy Forward, said: “Project 2025 is one of the most profound threats the American people face today. From attacking reproductive rights and workplace safety laws, to allowing more discrimination, pollution and price gouging, the far-right interests behind Project 2025 are preparing to go to incredible lengths to implement a dangerous and deeply unpopular agenda.”

Pure Lies and Fearmongering.

The Guardian added this to the article to beg for money…..

  • This article was amended on 11 June 2024 to remove a reference to the Brennan Center. A previous version incorrectly stated the Stop Project 2025 Task Force was working with the center.

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A total load of misinformation, Lies, and Crap so you can help pay for their Election Interference by a group of Foreigners

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