Feed the World, they know we have no borders.

You cannot have missed the fact that 2022 has seen record number of alleged “asylum seekers” entering the UK mostly via small boats on the English Channel. The 2022 official number is going to way above 40,000 which is the highest number since records began to be collected in 2018. This massive influx has carried all sorts of consequences but there is one which is particularly alarming. Given the scale of this tsunami of illegal migrations and the attendant cost of supporting it, UK Foreign Aid might account for as little as 25% of the overall £11 billion annual aid budget.

It appears that more than half of the U.K.’s aid budget is now being subsumed into the cost of housing these “asylum seekers and refugees”! That’s a staggering sum of potentially £5-6 billion of your taxes going to facilitate those who break our laws to enter the country in the first place! How does that make you feel?

International Development Minister Andrew Mitchell bemoans the fact that conventional aid spending overseas will drop to only about 25% of the total budget because most of it is paying for the tens of thousands of channel migrants now in hotels up and down the land! In one way he is right but of course some argue that right thing to do is axe the entire “Foreign Aid” budget and direct the monies to helping British people.

You might remember that earlier this year and during his leadership campaign, Rishi Sunak came up with the ludicrous idea of using CRUISE ships to accommodate the illegal migrants. At the moment, it costs £7m per day to keep the in hotels and this number is likely to rise further as we deport so few of them. Rishi has gone quiet on his Cruise ship idea since entering Number 10 Downing Street,

In a recent podcast I revealed that a risible 0.3% of illegal migrants have been deported so that means 99.7% of those who break the law to enter our country illegally are still here. This is the all the evidence you need to know to illustrate that the Government is not remotely serious about deporting those who are here. Even the pathetic “Rwanda” plan came to literally nothing despite all the hype surrounding it. The end result is always the same – the invaders get to stay.

Core to the problem we face is that the UK is a signatory to the high minded UNCHR (United Nations Convention on Human Rights). It is the legal powers surrounding THIS international Act that those seeking settlement here manipulate to gain permanent residency here. The way we would fix that is to leave the UNCHR but there is simply no political will to do this. So, the 40,000+ illegals arriving this hear could become 80,000+ next year and the Government can huff and puff and churn out new fantasy plans to stop it but nothing will come of it. Meanwhile billions and billions of your taxes will be channelled towards the Channel migrants and they know that once they get here, they won’t be going back to wherever they come from.

One positive thing the UK could choose to do whilst staying IN the UNCHR is to mount a massive military intervention in the Channel itself and deny any boats access to UK waters. If they cannot get to our shores, then the issue of residency becomes that for another country – most likely France. In 2016, the British people voted to take back control of our borders, but this has not been honoured by the political class.

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