Can CONGRESS survive Rahul Gandhi’s antics?

         Roars of Indian media hardly go along with the democratic principles of the country. Though Rahul Gandhi of the Congress party completely lacks leadership qualities and intellectual bandwidth, a brigand of media columnists always tries hard to project him as the future Prime Minister of the country. This is totally absurd. Are Sachin Pilot and Shashi Tharoor of the same party not far better choices? One can’t understand what makes the media fraternity heap praise on the Gandhi family so illogically. This in fact has damaged the credibility of Indian media. 

          So much has been written on Rahul’s “Bharat Jodo Yatra,” as if the “odyssey would be a magic wand” to revive the party. This has instead a “tragic wand” to bring the party further down. Just look at the shameful debacle of Congress in the recent elections in Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura.

          Rahul Gandhi has yet again courted controversy in a foreign land. The thoughtless statements blurted out in England have made people doubt his diplomatic acumen. As a public leader, one should choose his/her words with utmost tactfulness, particularly when he/she addresses audiences outside the country. Rahul thoughtlessly pattered and tarnished the image of India. This also exposed his ineptitude and crassness. He showed his audacity to question why Europe and the US – the defenders of democracies, were oblivious to how a huge chunk of democracy in India has come undone. However, Rahul was all praise for China for having a “society in harmony” while winking at the extremely inhuman treatment of nearly 1 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang. He seemingly looks for ways to defame his own country. Can one’s family members speak ill of their parents/ancestors with their neighbours? Of course, only people with some “pathological sickness” can do that.

            On the other hand, such reckless rants against the country by a leader have the potential to “provoke subversive forces” within the country. It ultimately goes to pose a threat to the integrity of the nation. Should the leaders who aspire to rule the country not be patriotic first? They should be genuinely concerned for the welfare of the country and its people. But what we find with the Congress party is just the contrary. It is so outrageous that the Congress supremo, the mother of Rahul – Ms. Sonia Gandhi, once called (Late) RD Rymbai, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, to New Delhi and asked him to step down immediately. As a loyal party man, Mr. Rymbai resigned and made way for Mr. DD Lapang to take over as a new Chief Minister. Late Rymbai’s only “fault” was that he did not grant NOCs to certain “cement companies” since it would hurt the environment and natural vegetation. Is the Congress High Command’s whim more important than the environment of a state? Is being an upright leader a cause of worry for the Congress party? What really was cooking behind this High Command’s order, if not devious deals? Due to “greedy leaders”, many states in the country have also been left to be charred. Meghalaya, Bihar, and Kerala are glaring examples of environmental fallouts owing to the unscientific exploitation of natural resources.

              It is still in our vivid memories that till a few years ago, most of the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states had to rush to Delhi very frequently for any petty issues. None can risk hurting the Gandhi family. There are countless instances in which Congress leaders were shown the door without any reason or when they were found not “obedient” to the Nehru-Gandhi family. Former president of India – Pranab Mukherjee and veteran leader Natwar Singh had expressed anguish at this SPECIAL family’s snobbish attitude towards party colleagues. The family that rejoices over fawning party workers, Rahul Gandhi willfully humiliated a trusted party stalwart — Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam. After quitting the party, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma is now like a free bird, flapping his wings and breathing life into Assam. This has earned him high admiration of the population across the country. Similarly, Jyotiraditya Scindia had his poignant saga with the Gandhi family. He suddenly bade goodbye to the party in 2020 and now started flexing his muscles. 

              One scholar from New Delhi retorts – “the Congress is synonymous with the Gandhi family, and it is also synonymous with sycophancy.” That is very true indeed. Despite the repeated antics of Rahul Gandhi, the weight of sycophancy is still so heavy in Congress. I hope everyone agrees that with each thoughtless speech and action of Rahul Gandhi, the party’s ship is sinking further and further down. What is most despicable is that Rahul is now in desperation, purportedly making friends with those forces who give evil eyes to India.  


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