Blood is going to be spilt, it’s just a matter of when.

In the 3 years since President Biden has been in office over 20 Million Illegals have walked across our Southern Border. The Biden Administration is claiming that number is closer to 5 Million, that is the number they claim to have processed by Customs & Border Patrol. It does not include the “Getaways” the number of 5 Million is also just an “Estimate”. The Biden Administration will not release to the public the exact numbers of Illegals being processed everyday at the 50 Legal Crossings on the Southern Border.

By processed they mean: CBP has gotten a Name, a city of destination, and issued them a file number for a court date at some nonexistent time in the future. The schedule for Asylum hearings already in the system before this crises began was 5 years out before they would be called for their “Asylum” Hearing. They have also been ordered by the Administration to receive Voter Registration information, along with free Legal Representation to protect their “Rights” as Asylum Seekers. The Biden Administration classifies all Illegals as “Asylum” cases so that those they have allowed in have automatic protection from Deportation.

The number of Illegals the Administration claims to have crossed doesn’t add up. At just one crossing, Eagle Pass, they are processing 10,000 Illegals a day. There are 50 locations where you can legally cross the Southern Border into the United States. Everyone of these crossing’s is overwhelmed with 1000s of Illegals everyday, with 10’s of thousands more waiting to cross.

Real numbers are impossible to get since the Biden Administration has refused to release them to the public. The 5 million number that they claim is just the number of people who have turned themselves into Customs & Border Patrol at the 50 legal crossings. It does not include the Millions of “Getaways” that have crossed the Border at the 1000s of locations that are no longer patrolled to avoid the CBP. All the CBP Officers have been pulled to process the millions of Illegals at the 50 legal crossings. The overwhelming mass of Illegals at the legal crossings occupy every CBP officer, allowing 10’s of thousands of Drug Cartel Members and Terrorists to cross the border at will and unimpeded with their goods. Goods that consist of Drugs, Weapons, Slaves, anything and everything they want to smuggle into the United States.

100,000 people a year are dying from illegal Fentanyl laced drugs. Fentanyl provided by China to the Drug Cartels that they are just walking across the Border. We are losing twice as many people in a single year to Chinese Fentanyl than were killed during the whole 10 years of the Vietnam War.

Before Trump started to build the wall the CBP caught only 10% of those crossing illegally, the other 90% got away. Those that were caught were Prosecuted and most deported, which acted as a semi-deterrent, there was a price to pay. People still took the risk, migrants came to work, criminals came to commit crime, and some came to actually escape the hell of their own country for a chance to live work and prosper in the U.S.. It is a problem the U.S. has always struggled with.

During the Trump Administration those numbers were reversed. Instead of intercepting 10% with 90% getting away, the CBP caught 90% with only 10% getting away. None of that applies any longer. No one is prosecuted, no one is deported, instead they are just directed to Social Services who set them up with Phones, Vouchers to pay for them to go to the City of their choice where they are put on the Welfare Rolls for Housing, Food, and Cash.

The over 20 Million surplus people from the third world that have poured across the U.S. Border however are just the tip of the Iceberg. Like the Titanic the gaping hole under the surface that could very likely sink the nation is the real problem.

Even using the Biden Administrations lowball estimate of 5 Million Illegals, if just 1% are Terrorists that’s 50,000 Terrorist that have now been secreted into the nation over the last 3 years. With more and more coming everyday. It is not just the people of South America that are crossing Illegally it is people from every nation on Earth, including enemies of the U.S..

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 4,366 migrants from China encountered Border Patrol officials after crossing the southern border without authorization from October 2022 to February 20231.

This from the American Military News… Leaked: Thousands of Middle East illegal immigrants tried crossing US-Mexico border since 2021: Report

The number of encounters involving people from Romania rose from 266 in fiscal 2020 to 4,029 in fiscal 2021, while the number involving people from Turkey increased from 67 to 1,366.

The United States Border Patrol has arrested thousands of “special interest aliens” from the Middle East trying to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border, leaked Customs and Border Protection (CBP) documents show, according to Fox News.

“Special interest aliens” are defined as people from foreign countries that have conditions that promote or protect terrorism, or that may pose a threat to U.S. national security.

From Oct. 2021 to Oct. 2023, border agents apprehended 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan, 3,153 from Egypt, 659 from Iran and 538 from Syria, the leaked data shows.

It is unclear how many of the “special interest aliens” were removed or released into the United States.

“Border Patrol sources tell me they have extreme concerns about who is coming into the country because they have little to no way of vetting people from these special interest countries,” Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin tweeted. “I’m told unless they have committed a crime previously in the US, or they are on some sort of federal watchlist, there’s no way to know who they are because most of their home countries don’t share data/records with the US so there is nothing to match a name to when BP agents run fingerprints.”

Those are the numbers the Administration are admitting to, those are also neither up to date, nor do they even give an estimate of how many “Getaways” from those countries might be here. As you look at the “Protests” for Gaza, the “Protests” for Hamas, the “Protests” for Jewish Genocide. These are not “Protests” they are acts of intimidation, and trial runs for massive Acts of Terror.

These protesters are the fodder, they are organized by Iran funded through their preexisting Terror Network already established in the U.S.. In October George Washington University released a report on the well established network Hamas already has in the U.S..

Click the title for the full PDF, here is the summary.

The Hamas Networks in America: A Short History

October 13, 2023

Authored by :Lorenzo Vidino

  • Hamas supporters have long operated in the United States. Internal Hamas documents and FBI wiretaps introduced as evidence in various federal criminal cases clearly show the existence of a nationwide Hamas network engaged in fundraising, lobbying, education, and propaganda dissemination dating back to the 1980s.
  • The network formalized its existence in 1988, when it created the Palestine Committee in the US. The Committee’s goals included “increasing the financial and the moral support for Hamas,” “fighting surrendering solutions,” and publicizing “the savagery of the Jews.”
  • The Palestine Committee spawned several public-facing organizations, most of which are based out of Chicago, Dallas, and Washington DC. They included the all-purpose Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), the financial arm represented by the Occupied Land Fund (which later became the Holy Land Foundation, HLF), and the think tank United Association for Studies and Research (UASR).
  • In 1993, the FBI wiretapped a meeting of top Hamas activists in the US held in Philadelphia. The wiretaps show internal discussions on how to improve activities in support of Hamas within the US and how to shield them from the designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization. US-based Hamas activists agreed that hiding their affiliation and intentions was the best tactic to avoid negative consequences. “I swear by Allah that war is deception,” said one senior leader, “[d]eceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy.” “Let’s not hoist a large Islamic flag and let’s not be barbaric-talking. We will remain a front so that if the thing [the U.S. government ban on Hamas] happens, we will benefit from the new happenings instead of having all of our organizations classified and exposed.”
  • Over the years, US authorities have conducted several activities to clamp down on the network, including deporting and prosecuting Hamas operatives and shutting down multiple front organizations. The 2001 designation of HLF and subsequent prosecution of part of its leadership for funneling approximately $12.4 million to Hamas constitutes to date the largest successful terrorism financing prosecution in US history.
  • Yet, US-based Hamas networks and individuals have displayed a remarkable resilience and many of the core activists of the Palestine Committee are still engaged in various forms of support (albeit at times purely political and not material) for Hamas.

Now we have to look at the Middle East, at what Iran’s network of Terrorist’s are doing there. Not against Israel, but against the U.S..

Since mid-October, bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria have come under attack at least 102 times, a defense official confirmed to Military Times on Friday.

That number includes 47 incidents in Iraq and 55 in Syria, the official said, “by a mix of one-way attack drones, rockets, mortars, and close-range ballistic missiles.”

Iran controls Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthi’s, the PLO, and every other Islamic Terror group whether they are Sunni or Shia. They despise each other, but all are united in their hate against Israel and the U.S. When you look at that information along side the 20 Million Illegals that have crossed the U.S. Border without any scrutiny, or even the Biden Administrations lowball estimate of 5 Million Illegals. If just 1% are Terrorists that’s 50,000 Terrorist that have now been secreted into the nation over the past 3 years.

The United States is being perfectly setup for a series of massive terror attacks. It took only 19 terrorists to pull off 9/11, imagine what 50,000 could do. Fifty thousand soldiers delivered to a terror network that the U.S. Government has allowed to exist for decades.

These “Protests” are probing the U.S. internal vulnerabilities. They are setting the stage for what is about to come. The Biden Administration has facilitated the greatest threat to American lives that has ever existed.

It is only a matter of time before the enemy combatants that have entered the U.S. strike. What form those attacks will take we do not know. What we do know is the attacks are coming, and the Biden Administration has made it possible.

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