A glass of water for a drowning man


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Four years on from the Covid scamdemic of 2020, you might think that those pushing the toxic jabs might back off as more and more evidence mounts to the great evils they carried out! But you would be wrong! And nowhere is more enthusiastic to keep on jabbing than the truly wicked NHS.

Vulnerable people in Shropshire are being urged to get their spring Covid-19 vaccination before the end of June. Shropshire Community Health NHS trust has introduced joint appointments to enable two people to get vaccinated at the same time. People with a weakened immune system and those aged 75 and over are among the individuals the trust has called on to get the jab. Vaccines are available at pharmacies, GP practices and some drop-in vaccination centres. Steve Ellis, director of Covid vaccinations at the trust, said the disease has not gone away. Mr Ellis said he expected a combined flu and Covid jab to be introduced soon.

Throughout the Covid scam, it is this deliberate targeting of the “vulnerable” people that has most horrified me. If you have a weakened immune system then the LAST thing that you need is a so-called vaccine that further weakens your immune system. It’s like offering a drowning man a glass of water.

Further, WHY are they flogging “Spring boosters” when it is approaching the peak of summer? Might the reason for this sales pitch be that too many people have woken up to the jabs and whilst they may have been seduced into taking the earlier versions they are staying well away from the 2024 model!

However note that at the end of this, Mr Ellis expresses his excitement at the prospect of a combined Flu and Covid jab. Since the elderly and vulnerable are all targeted with the Flu jab, by combining it with the Covid jab, might this kill help more people? It is claimed that Flu vaccine is accepted by around 75% of the target markett so if you wack in a dose of “Covid” jab then all of a sudden you might get those refuseniks in recent years?

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