Zelensky – Mr Lonely!

He’s getting more and more anxious that Western support for Ukraine is fading and Israel/Gaza is the new kid in town. After almost two years of carnage and perhaps a million deaths, are we entering endgame for Zelensky?

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One thought on “Zelensky – Mr Lonely!

  1. Hi David,
    Spot on. Johnson is the new Blair creature.
    Looks like the Ukraine bonanza is coming to an end, I’m wondering how Zelensky will manage to extricate himself from this mess without loosing his life.
    The scale of psychological conditioning achieved amongst the Ukrainian population is truly astounding. I wonder if they will realise how they have been duped once the war is over ?
    Are we subjected to the same level of psychological conditioning on other issues ? I think we are ? Mass immigration is an obvious example.


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