Take me to the Moon – Artemis in trouble!

The last time we went to the moon, according to NASA, was 1972. In recent days NASA say that they are having to push back the current ARTEMIS moon landing programme because of technological problems! So we HAD the tech in 1969 to do it, allegedly, but NOT in 2025! Ever get the feeling you are being scammed?

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2 thoughts on “Take me to the Moon – Artemis in trouble!

  1. NASA have been postponing trips “back” to the moon since 1972. Space agencies are money laundering operations. NASA’s current annual budget is over 25 billion dollars. What do we get? Space stories, CGI cartoons and the odd fake rocket launch. It’s scam after scam. The Van Allen belt is another lie to hide the firmament. No one and no satellite has ever been into space. NASA (1958) and the Antarctic Treaty (1959) hide the reality of our world. Antarctica surrounds our stationary realm, there may well be other oceans and continents beyond it. We do not live on a globe spinning faster than the speed of sound, travelling at over a million mph though space. The sun and the moon are small and local. The stars, including the wandering stars (planets), are lights in the sky.

  2. As a matter of respect, love, and appreciation I will not debate, nor insult my hosts views on whether or not man has walked on the moon. We agree to disagree.

    For those of us that hold the other point of view, as do I. That not only did we walk on the Moon, but will within the next ten years have a permanent base there. Allow me to give you a City Trolls perspective.

    I follow the space program very closely, it’s been one of my obsessions my whole life I was born in 1961 and raised with the development of America’s missile and space program throughout the backdrop of my life, and yes I watched every piece ever put on TV. Proudly, hell I was watching it Live when the Shuttle blewup killing all aboard like Apollo 1 Gus Grissom and the others fatal fire on the launch pad that shuttle crew was dead before they left the ground. They just didn’t know it. There has been great cost several times in our Space Program.

    Our Space Program as it exists today is the exclusive domain of Elon Musk. Musk Launches a Rocket every 3 days for the U.S. Government, it’s subcontractors, and all american communications satellites.

    Elon Musk is considered an enemy to not just the Democrat Party, but every information company in the world, the whole propaganda orchestra. He opened his bottomless pocket to Free Speech. For that he is hated, and a threat to every government on Earth. Regretfully and Un-Constitutionally especially here in the U.S., but because he is the United States only avenue to space he is untouchable in any substantive matter.

    ARTEMIS is a vanity project, but it is set in stone and ready to fly. There are five rockets ready right now. 1 fully assembled and ready for the test flight, 1 half assembled in various buildings, and 3 in pieces.

    It is a completely new system than the system Apollo Used every millimeter designed into the largest lift vehicle ever constructed. They ONLY thing holding it up is Politics. The moon is step one for Musk, it’s the price he agreed to to get his Mars program underway.

    The only way the US government can screw with Musk is by delaying his vanity project. Which is exactly what they have been doing with the FAA changing regulations on the fly.

    The test rocket can leave in the time it takes to fuel it. Do it’s orbit around the moon an return. The Federal Govt. is the technical difficulty NOTHING else.


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