Hold The Line – Challenge the Narrative! – Episode 2

Let’s discuss free speech in the age of censorship with Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox and Father Calvin Robinson. Laurence and Calvin were both cancelled in 2023 yet they command substantial social media presence and are very important voices in the public square. This should prove to be a fascinating and fun evening in a lovely setting so book your seat NOW and save 20% on the ticket price!

Rev’d Fr Calvin Robinson is a political adviser, TV/radio presenter, and conservative commentator. His fearless common sense earned him a slot on GB News and before long he had his own weekly show “Calvin’s Common Sense Crusade”. When GB News boses suspended Laurence Fox (and the host for that slot Dan Wootton) for his views on a female journalist, Calvin showed his loyalty to his fellow journalists and was promptly sacked. Calvin was ordained at the end of 2023 and splits his time between preaching Good News from his pulpit on Sunday and on social media during the week.

Laurence Fox was known to many of us for his role in the ITV drama Lewis which ran for 9 seasons from 2006 to 2015. He has also appeared in many films and stage productions. In January 2020 Laurence appeared on the BBC’s political debate programme Question Time challenging the woke narrative and his forthright common sense views have now become a mainstay in the British psyche. Later that year he set up the Reclaim Party to challenge the uniparty system in the UK. His forthright views gained him a slot on GB News only to be sacked for those very same forthright views that got him hired in the first place.

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  1. I must admit, I had Mr Fox earmarked as a possible, Judas Goat. Having heard the live presentation, I warmed to him a bit. Especially when Richard Tice got called out.
    A great conversation on the night.

  2. It didn’t take long. I’ve reverted to Mr Fox being a sponsored Judas Goat and similar with Andrew Bridgen.
    Bridgen is involved in a going nowhere for no reason court battle, designed to garner funding that will go to lawyers and vanish into the aether leaving the populace rudderless as intended..


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